text 11 Sep The way they were… World Trade Center Towers in 2000

Back in June of 2000, I took some virtual reality images of the World Trade Center. It’s nice to remember how they used to be, especially on a warm sunny day.

text 10 Sep Finally posting again!

After over a year with no new posts, I’m finally back at it again. This past week, I redesigned my print photography web site so that it displays properly on just about all devices out there.

This coincides nicely with a batch of images from our recent trip to Italy. I’m especially proud of this one:

Gathering Storm - Val d’Orcia - Italy

I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed being there and creating it!

text 15 Oct

Anonymous said: I'm desperately seeking period photos of the D&H Canal in Barryville, NY

Hi, I would suggest contacting the D&H Canal Historical Society. Their web site is http://www.canalmuseum.org/.

- Mark

text 11 Jun news

I’ll be spending 2½ weeks in the south of France soon, so you can expect some new VR images in the near future!

- Mark

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