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Anonymous said: Is there a comprehensive list of names of the boatmen who navigated the D&H Canal? If so, where may I review it. I'm looking for William James Rose and his wife Emelie Hodgkiss who lived in Wurtsboro and was a D&H Canal boatman from about 1855 to 1870.

Hi - I have no information or tips on where to find that information other than Google. I simply had the pleasure of photographing the canal.

- Mark

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Anonymous said: where did the D&H Canal cross the Lackawaxen before it joined to Roebling's aquaduct over the delaware River?

I really have no idea. I would suggest going to the D&H Canal web site and pose the question to them. They have far more information and knowledge on this than I do.




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Some of us hope we are not too soon forgotten when we move on from this world. If we have children, they carry on part of us; if we have a partiulcarly brilliant career, that might keep us on people’s minds for awhile. But if you REALLY want to leave your mark, you can’t beat stone - and lots of it!

Monolith Opus 40 Saugerties Ny in Hudson Valley

In 1938, Harvey Fite, a sculptor of both wood and stone, bought an abandoned rock quarry near Woodstock and Saugerties and for the next 37 years, one stone at a time, built an amazing site. Originally planned as a setting for his sculptures, it turned into a sculpture of its own.

Quarry Family Opus 40 Saugerties Ny in Hudson Valley

As you wander around the estate, you will see many of his sculptures, as well as pools and fountains, and the center point - the monolith. At the visitors center where you buy your tickets, there is a brief video that gives quite a bit of background on the man and his monumental project.

Il Bagnio Pool Opus 40 Saugerties NY in Hudson Valley

There is also a quarryman’s museum featuring a myriad of tools used in the trade. Feel free to ask questions of the very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Then, after a couple of hours exploring, head west to Woodstock or east to Saugerties for some great restaurants!

Quarrymans Museum Opus 40 Saugerties Ny in Hudson Valley

Be sure to visit their site at http://www.opus40.org for hours and special events.

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Anonymous said: Hi, Asked this question on 360 but not really got the answer I am looking for so please can you tell me if there will be much of a problem useing the 10-22mm on a Canon 350D alongside the 8mm fixed lenses I see for sale, apart from the fact may need to take a couple more shots I believe.
Just thinking that the 10-22mm can be used in other situations where the 8mm is just what it is 8mm.
Hope you understand the question.


There isn’t any problem using the 10-22mm other than requiring more images to cover the entire sphere. I have used both the Sigma 8mm and currently have the Tokina 10-17mm. You’re right in that the 10-22mm would give you more flexibility for other situations while still allowing you to take VR images.


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